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Who We Are


 The Vancouver  Island Spring Walks are staged by the Victoria International Walking Festival Society. The officers of the Society are:


Wendy Renwick                                                                 Chair 

Joan Sanderson                                                                 Treasurer, Director of Registration 

Christine Desjardins, Carol Vanzetta, Gord Keeble          Directors

Rick Desjardins                                                                  Director, Trails

You can: 

 Email us at bcwalkers@vvpf.ca ,  or

 Mail to Joan Sanderson at 114 - 165 Kimta Road, Victoria BC V9A 7P1


 The Volkssport club which is organizing the Vancouver Island Spring Walks is

 Victoria Pathfinders Walking Club                vpwc

TheVictoria Pathfinders club is a member of VABC - The Volkssport Association of British Columbia      vabc

 Which is a member of CVF - The Canadian Volkssport Federation      cvf

 Which is a member of IVV - Internationaler Volkssportverband       IVV logo



        Contact us at bcwalkers@vvpf.ca,  or write to   114 - 165 Kimta Road Victoria BC V9A 7P1

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