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Who We Are

 The Victoria Volkssport Phoenix Festival is staged by the Victoria International Walking Festival Society. The officers of the Society are:


Christine Desjardins                  Chair 

Joan Sanderson                         Treasurer 

Gord Keeble                              Director

Joan Sanderson                         Director, Registration

Malca Casiro                             Director, Volunteers

Rick Desjardins                         Director, Trails


You can: 

 Email us at phoenix@vvpf.ca ,  or

 Mail to Christine Desjardins, 591B Donovan Avenue, Victoria BC V9B 4Y5 or

 Telephone 250-478-7020


 The three clubs which are jointly organizing the Phoenix Festival are

 Garden City Wanderers                gcw

 Juan de Fuca Pathfinders              jdf

 Victoria 'Y' Volkssport Club            vicy

 The three clubs are members of VABC - The Volkssport Association of British Columbia      vabc

 Which is a member of CVF - The Canadian Volkssport Federation      cvf

 Which is a member of IVV - Internationaler Volkssportverband       IVV logo

Home       Registration       Schedule and Walks       Coast to Coast Walk      Accommodation      Transportation   

        Contact us at phoenix@vvpf.ca ,  write to VIWF c/o 591B Donovan Ave Victoria BC V9B 4Y5, or phone 250-478-7020

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