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Dog Mountain Brewing - The Menu

dmb1The Dark Tower Donair – A

House-made blend of spiced beef and lamb served on warm naan bread with mozza cheese, plum tomatoes, red onion and iceberg lettuce. Drizzled in house-made sweet sauce. You won’t regret this Donair!

Buddha  Bowl - B

Served on a bed of basmati rice, with seasonal roasted vegetables topped with fresh cabbage, shredded carrots, roasted chicken, sesame seeds and rotating sauce.   Gluten Free. Can be made vegan.

Mac N Beer Cheese – C

Elbow noodles drenched in our house-made beer cheese sauce using real cheese and topped with … more cheese!  Decadent comfort food at its finest. Includes your choice of thick cut bacon OR pulled pork.

Nachos!! – D

A double layer of tortilla chips loaded with cheddar and mozza cheeses, black beans, tomatoes, red onions and pickled jalapenos. Smothered with spicy chip sauce and flaked black pepper for the win. Served with sour cream and house-made Pico. Includes your choice of spicy chicken OR pulled pork OR house-made guacamole.

The Aporkalypse – E

A full order of our macaroni and beer cheese with beer braised pulled pork inside of a grilled wrap. Delicious and crushable, this is recommended only for the hungriest of patrons.

Delicious Craft Beer

                                 New and exciting brews and the old favourites.
dmb3  dmb4
         plus non-alcoholic Jarritos Sodas.



        Contact us at bcwalkers@vvpf.ca,  or write to   114 - 165 Kimta Road Victoria BC V9A 7P1

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